How To Find Citibank Corporate Headquarters

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A large financial organization like Citibank has offices across the USA and around the world. Millions of customers as well as people everywhere that may be interested in Citibank will want to know just where Citibank's corporate headquarters are located and who is running such a huge diversified banking operation.

You should first understand that Citibank is owned by the parent corporation Citigroup. In addition there are many subsidiaries both in the USA and across the world: the company has offices in more than 50 countries. If you need specific information in your area, you should locate and contact the appropriate office. Of course, Citibank corporate headquarters can help you reach the right people to answer your questions.

Online location of Citibank's corporate headquarters is simple. First,you should look at Citibank's website and make sure the topic you're interested in is part of their operations in the United States; if not, go to steps two and three below.

Second, you could bring up a search engine like Google and simply enter "Citibank Corporate Headquarters". You will find various sources for that information. You'll also find sources of information about the parent corporation.

Third, you can select a comprehensive directory that will provide the information you want. Hoover's is a great source of information on many corporations. There, you will find the address of Citibank's corporate headquarters in New York City as well as the names of key executives at that office.

Fourth, if there is a regional concern you'd like to address, you can also find lists of the appropriate offices and their executives and telephone numbers.

Fifth, like most financial institutions in the world, Citibank has felt the impact of problems in credit markets everywhere. Fortunately, the company has undertaken competent management of these losses and has been able to maintain its financial strength. Online, through free encyclopedia services, you can review the recent history of Citibank and Citigroup. These are also available through search engines when you enter the search for corporate headquarters. Wikipedia's free encyclopedia has a great overview of this information.

You will not find all of this at the Citibank website. While they do have a "contact us" link, you'll find this is confined to available services reachable through toll free numbers.  To get the specific numbers you need, the search engine directories are the best options.

If you choose to call Citibank's corporate headquarters, the public relations department there can help you contact the executive to whom you wish to speak.


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