How To Find Corporate Business Resources

When planning to take your business to the next level, finding corporate business resources is the next thing to do. The Business Resources section of a corporation will help you learn how to find new sources of capital, how to begin government contracting, how to expand your business internationally, provide information on business certification agencies, and help you grow in your business.

  1. Lending organizations. To access capital that could help increase your business, there are companies or organizations that can provide information. A client can get information on products, tools, services and savings, including charge and credit cards as well as access to working capital at American Express OPEN. Wells Fargo offers a wide range of financial solutions to help you with your business. For guidance on necessary information, a client can read articles on money management and financial planning for his business and family. Springboard Enterprises will help provide programs and resources that will increase access to capital for women entrepreneurs.
  2. Online sources. New sources of capital online may be accessed at Bz2Credit. If you want to learn about different sources of funding there are agencies that provide these sources to qualified clients. AdvanceMe Incorporated gives insight about the source of capital that has to be repaid with a portion of future credit card sales. To discover other resources, one may go to Small Business Investment Company and Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation which has researche and initiatives on increasing access to capital.
  3. International connections. When your business is suitable to take your products or services internationally connections with business international forums is important. Experiencing international markets firsthand requires the owner to participate in international trade missions. Connections with other businesses from around the globe may be made through international alliances and subscriptions to Wells Fargo Foreign Exchange Services. Business owners get tips in looking for the best solutions for their travel needs and foreign exchange. There are also establishments that could provide the information needed which may be accessible online. To increase sales, conduct global business and establish contracts, the export yellow pages are always dependable. For the basics about exporting, the U.S. Department of Commerce is always readily available. At Export-Import Bank, information on working capital guarantees; export credit insurance; and direct loans and loan guarantees may be obtained.
  4. Government assistance. When planning to win business contracts in the government, it is essential to know and be familiar with the rudiments of government policies. When awarded a contract registration at a government agency is required. There are other protocols to be followed when dealing with government agencies. One has to be sensible about it. The language used in the government is more formal than the language in other business environments.

Finding corporate business resources can be a tough job for one who is new in business. But for a businessman who needs resources, it is interesting and worth following. It is a learning experience that may be valuable the next time you need additional reserves. 


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