How To Find Marketing Services

All businesses, small or large, need the assistance of marketing services at times.  There are many types of marketing services.  Marketing research agencies conduct surveys and focus groups.  They usually report findings after the field work is completed.  Advertising agencies develop and schedule print, radio and TV advertising.  Marketing consultants can assist with product marketing, pricing and distribution.

Finding marketing services is easy.  You first need to decide which services you require.

Next, begin your search for the types of marketing services you require.  Start with the local yellow pages.  You can also do an online search for companies that provide online services.  You might also research other companies in your field and find out what services they are using. Don't just look in your immediate area.  Search nationally for the best marketing agencies, if your company has national distribution.

Read industry publications and article; for example, some of these companies may be featured in research studies.

Go to trade shows related to your business.  Many agencies will attend these events and seek you out.  Take their business cards and visit their websites.  Study some of the marketing services they offer.  See which ones best fit your needs.

Start calling these these companies.  Set up some initial meetings and invite them to present their backgrounds and capabilities.  Invite other people in your organization to attend these meetings.

Put an e-mail together on when the companies will present their proposals .  Invite everyone to the meeting.  You should also provide some background information on the company and presentation.  Stress how urgent it is for them to attend.  You will need their input and brain power to make the best selection.

Ask all of the companies in consideration to prepare a proposal and send it to your office.  A good proposal won't just tell you what the company will do for you; it will also provide background information on the company along with information about key executives and other types of services they provide.

On the day of the presentation, ask a lot of questions. Find out in more detail about the services these companies offer, and how much they charge.  If you need assistance in several areas of marketing services, find out whether these companies offer multiple services.  It may save you money. Plus, the agency will already be familiar with your product for the additional service.  For example, a marketing research agency may not only be able to field the research, they might offer consulting services as well.  That is, they can assist your company in implementing marketing strategies based on the research findings.


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