How To Find Naturally Speaking Speech Recognition Software

Virtually anything is possible these days. Innovative minds create ground breaking tools to make all things relatively easy and convenient. The ingenuity of Naturally Speaking speech recognition software is one powerful example of ease and convenience, not to mention speed and accuracy needed at work and even at home.

Speech recognition is the process by which spoken words are converted to inputs decipherable by a machine. Captured by a telephone or microphone, the set of words recognized by a device can be used as commands and controls and for document preparation. Speech recognition software uses a program that transcribes spoken words to written text. It thereby enhances speed and ease in preparing written communication such as reports, proposals, draft letters and emails. It gives you the power to multi-task, as it is literally hands-free. With the use of a headset, Bluetooth, microphone or other handheld device, you can walk away from your computer and complete your task by just talking. You no longer need to type letters.

Naturally Speaking solutions have several types of software designed to meet your specific requirement. You can visit a number of sites that allow you to download trial or demo versions for each. Searching Dragon Speech, Dragon Voice or Dragon Speak on Google alone will bring you to countless of resources where you can either purchase the software or download it for free. Forums on some interactive sites are also worth checking and there you can post your review on the product of your choice.

  1. Dragon Standard. With this software your voice is deciphered into text three times faster than typing. It instantly learns to recognize your voice and develops the more you use it. Software is easy to install and works in all Windows applications. If your work entails a lot of writing or completing series' of documents, this software will help you meet and even exceed your target. It helps you save time and transforms productivity. 
  2. Dragon Professional. Specially created for busy corporate professionals, this software lets you create custom commands for recurring tasks. It also provides enterprise network support, security features, etc.
  3. Dragon Preferred. Ideal for business and personal use with up to 99% accuracy. With Dragon Preferred, you can multi-task with the use of a handheld device, microphone or Bluetooth.
  4. Dragon Legal. Created especially for legal specialists. It comes with pre-configured legal words, terms and phrases. With this software you can email, dictate briefs, and prepare court documents among other things.
  5. Dragon Medical. With medical vocabularies encompassing a wide range of medical fields and categories, this software aids doctors and staff to create real-time transcriptions through its quick navigation systems. Enhanced speed and accuracy is given and is ideal to aid medical decision-making among other things.

While there were controversies in the past about the reliability of speech recognition software, this innovation without doubt, has become a reliable and dynamic partner at work, whether in-house or commercial. A huge number of establishments and individual industrialists worldwide are already taking advantage of Naturally Speaking Solutions due to proven efficiency and productivity. 



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