How To Find Plans For Modular Commercial Buildings

Modular buildings are different from modern skyscrapers adorning the city skylines of today. They are pre-fabricated building designs manufactured in a remote facility and delivered to clients on-site for their intended use. Compared to conventional construction, which uses expensive materials, modular buildings are relatively cheaper given their factory construction. Most modular buildings consist of different modules and sections that are only put together on site.

  1. Pac-Van. Pac-Van boasts of putting thousands of US businesses in space. They claim to have provided businesses with plans for office buildings and commercial units. The modular buildings section of the site contains a lot of information about construction and types of buildings they offer to construct. You simply have to click on the categories of buildings you wish to have. In addition, they provide quote requests for construction to prospective customers. Pac-Van's website is located at
  2. RamTech. RamTech's website, which is located at, contains PDF files that you can download to give you an idea of the modular plans that they offer. Currently, they service industrial buildings, classrooms, healthcare and offices. Part of their service is developing the floor plan to suit your needs, apart from the ones they offer at the website. Their website also contains case studies about storage buildings, school buildings and offices that they have constructed for clients.
  3. Modular Building Associates. If you're looking for plans for your modular buildings, then MBA is probably one of the best places to find them. They offer plans to be constructed for new buildings, general contracting and even have a lineup of used buildings up for sale. It is uncertain, however, if their rates are cheap but you can email them to find out about their pricing.
  4. If you can't seem to find the right floor plan for your modular building, then why not take a look at model units first to get inspiration? has a section dedicated entirely to modular homes. What's best about this site is that they have a lot of good pictures featuring the design and interiors of modular buildings, which include metal buildings, commercial establishments and family dwellings.
  5. Ask an architect. When you still can't find the perfect plan for you online, then it's time to troop to your professional architect and see if he has pre-made designs you can choose from. If he doesn't have a portfolio or you can't choose from what he has, then maybe you can tell him your idea of the commercial building, and then he can make a floor plan for you.

In choosing a plan for your commercial building, make sure you have enough space and legroom to accommodate all the functions of your business. Since modular commercial buildings are relatively cheaper, be generous with the floor area because you can convert these to serve other functions in the future. Moreover, you can even attach sleeping quarters if needed, so that your home and your workplace are in one building.


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