How To Find Wholesale and Discount Outlets for Furniture

At one point, you've probably received catalogues from brand name furniture manufacturers and wanted several pieces from their latest collection. Designer furniture does not come cheap though - after all, you are paying for the design quality and durability. However, there is a way to get furniture and home decor at a discounted price: shop at furniture outlet stores! Furniture outlet stores are retail stores where manufacturers offer furniture at a lower rate because you're not going through a third party seller, like a furniture gallery or department store - you'll be buying straight from the source. Furniture outlets also offer clearance, damaged, or mismatched furniture at very affordable rates. Besides the benefit of getting furniture at reduced prices, shopping at outlet stores also allows you to purchase remaining stock from their previous collections. This means that the dining table you saw at the mall last year but couldn't afford to buy will probably be sold at an outlet for a discounted price. Outlet stores also carry the showroom model of the pieces, which means they'll be cared for and will be in good condition.

Furniture outlet stores are not the same as furniture discount stores. The former is managed by the same manufacturer that created the pieces, like Pottery Barn, Laura Ashley, or La-Z-Boy. They sell only their own brands. The latter is a third party reseller that buys wholesale pieces from different manufacturers and resells them. Furniture discount stores may also create their own knock-offs of designer furniture.

To find wholesale and discount outlets for furniture, simply do a search on the Internet to see if they have any outlets in your area. You may also look at the website of the manufacturer; they usually have a list of all their stores and outlets. Asking your county's chamber of commerce for any furniture outlet stores in the county may give you some leads. Friends in the interior decorating or real estate industry may know of furniture outlet stores to go to. Make sure you check the store hours very carefully, as they change according to location.

Make the most out of your time shopping by creating a wish list of items you want. It would help if you look at a catalogue or look through the products in their website and list pieces that attract you. However, keep in mind that the outlet store may or may not have the particular piece you want, so don't get too emotionally invested in anything just yet!

Plan your shopping trip by going on a weekday or any day where you won't be rushed. Furniture outlet stores don't usually have a home delivery service, so you might want to bring a large truck and maybe a strong pair of arms if you're planning to buy large pieces. When you reach the store, try to find the items on your wish list by remaining open-minded to variations and alternatives. Examine each piece of furniture for any weak joints, poor construction, or chipped paint before bringing it to the checkout counter. All sales are final and any purchased item cannot be refunded nor exchanged.


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