How To Find Ratings of Pest Control Services

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Eeek!  A mouse!  Is this the first time you have seen a mouse running around the kitchen?  Or have these rodents been visiting you from time to time? A call to the pest control professionals is probably the best thing to do. Pest control is the effective management and extermination of animals and insects classified as pests.

Pest control services involve rodent control, insect control (cockroaches, bed bugs, carpenter ants, fleas, and others) and termite control. Pests enter homes and workplaces in various ways. And, depending on your location, they can come and go with the seasons. Some people decide to handle the extermination of pests on their own. Mosquito control is easy with the right products and proper cleaning practices. However, for bigger jobs, like rat and termite control, the services of professionals are definitely required. Eliminating real termites is far different from killing pests in Runescape.

“Who you gonna call?” There are many companies offering pest control services both in the yellow pages and on the web. Which company offers you the best pest management and extermination service?  Is there a rating system for these companies?
The best place to find ratings on pest control services is on the website of the Better Business Bureau or BBB A private agency operating in the US and Canada since 1912, the BBB publishes reports on the reliability of companies, their achievements and information on any complaints or disputes. They employ a rating system that helps consumers find out which company offers quality service.

To find out the ratings of pest control services, start by going into the BBB website.

  1. When you see the home page of BBB, choose between the US or Canada site, or you can also enter a valid postal or zip code.
  2. Click on ‘For Consumers’.
  3. Next, select ‘Check out a business or charity’.
  4. If you know the name of the pest control service, input the company name, or click ‘Type of Business’ and enter ‘pest control service’. You will need to input the zip code, city or state. For example, you can enter ‘Los Angeles’ (city) ‘California’ (state) to view a list of pest control services accredited by the BBB in that location.
  5. Next, click on ‘pest control service’ under the type of business list below. The list will now appear.
  6. Choose the company whose rating you want to view.

An explanation of the rating system can be seen on the right hand side of the screen. A+ is the highest rating while F is the lowest. NR means no rating. Aside from the company profile and contact information, you can view the complaint experience of the pest control service. A table with the number of complaints and the type of response made by the company for the last 36 months can be seen at the bottom. You can also find accreditation facts, customer reviews, government actions, and other useful information. The Better Business Bureau’s website is a reliable place to find ratings of not only pest control services, but of other businesses as well.

A pest problem is not to be taken lightly. Pests are not only nuisances, but they cause damage to property and diseases. Some pest problems can be addressed on your own; while others need professional extermination. By finding out the rating of the different pest control services in your area, you have a better chance of hiring a company who can get rid of your pests.


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