How To Find US Fresh Fruit Delivery Agencies

Despite the growing popularity of dried fruit and frozen fruit in households and in the food and beverage industry, fresh fruit remains the top choice for most mothers and chefs across the United States. While dried fruit has a superior shelf life, it is easily edged out by fresh fruit in terms of taste and palatability. Frozen fruit can be transported great distances from the farm where the fruit is grown and harvested to the table where it will be enjoyed and eaten. However, the process of freezing removes the succulence and the refreshing feeling only fresh fruit can give. In addition, the nutrition in fruit is diminished with freezing as some of vital micronutrients are destroyed by the freezing process.

The demand for fresh fruit in the US has spurred the growth of several fresh fruit delivery agencies and suppliers throughout the country. Some fresh fruit suppliers plant, grow and harvest their products in their own farms. Since the fruits are grown within the U.S., they are always guaranteed fresh and, thus, do not have to suffer from the drawbacks of having been frozen for long distance travel.

However, the soil and climate of the U.S. is not conducive for the growth of more exotic and tropical fruit varieties such as mangoes, guavas and avocadoes. The best conditions for the optimal growth of tropical fruit can be found in tropical countries where the combination of warm temperatures, humid air and rich soil all contribute to making the sweetest, freshest and juiciest fruit. High demand for tropical fruit - particularly in the more up-market hospitality industry - has caused fruit suppliers in the U.S. to expand their operations to importing fresh fruit from tropical countries like the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. A lot of these fruits, however, have to be frozen to survive the long distance of travel from the East to the West. Due to the disadvantages associated with freezing fruit, fruit suppliers are experimenting with different strains or breeds of fruits that can thrive in U.S. conditions.

Aside from fresh fruit suppliers, fruit delivery agencies also thrived with the continued increasing demand for fresh fruit. Delivery agencies have developed the necessary technology to keep fruits fresh and free from spoiling during long-haul travel internationally and within the U.S. In addition, these agencies have learned to optimize existing logistics and freight infrastructure to make fresh fruit delivery fast and timely. In the perishable products industry, time is indeed gold.

Furthermore, some delivery agencies have upped the ante, and no longer simply deliver the fruits from the supplier to your doorstep. Realizing the potential of fresh fruit as gift items, delivery agencies have come up with various innovative ways of presenting fresh fruits. From the more conventional fresh fruit baskets, some companies have created artful and creative "fruit arrangements" akin to the more familiar floral arrangements.

One such company that specializes in fruit arrangements is Edible Arrangements. From works of nature that satiate the gut, fruits have ascended to become works of art that please the eye. Other examples of fruit delivery companies include Fruitguys, Diamond Organics, Harry&David, the Fruit Route and the Fruit Company. These have various offerings, which include delivery of fresh fruits (and also the frozen variety) to restaurants, retailers, and even right to your home.

There is no substitute for the real thing. If you're particular about the food - in this case, fruit - you eat, then go for the fresh ones.


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