How To Fuel Corporate Innovation

Corporations today are under greater pressure than ever before to be innovative. The demands of the global marketplace mean they must continue to create new solutions that bring new results. Fueling corporate innovation means continually honing these new processes, bringing about whole new ways of doing things. That's the creative part, and it requires fresh ways of looking at old problems. The problematic aspect is that most corporations know already that their creative potential far exceeds actual performance, therefore practical strategies must be designed to get the desired results in order to complete the innovation cycle.

It should be noted that corporate innovation is best attained when it is deemed an art form and any subsequent strategies adopted from the creative process not viewed as an exact science. Here are a few modes of thought that can fuel these innovative processes, with the goal of raising corporate performance.

First, embrace the power of the unexpected. Many authorities suggest that the real nature of corporate innovation lies in its ability to harness this power. It is the centerpiece of adaptability and staying afloat in the changing currents. Management should share this power with the individual, thus empowering them as well, with all working toward the same end. Ideas are free, and a free flow of ideas up and down the line a vital part of a healthy corporation.

Next, corporate innovation should develop "right brain" philosophies, while keeping old, reliable "left brain" philosophies on standby and close at hand. The right side of the brain, the creative side, will give birth to new strategies that come from random, intuitive, holistic, subjective, and whole sources, allowing for flexibility when responding to market demands. The older strategies are still at hand, too, fomenting in the left side of the brain that maintains the logical, sequential, rational, analytical, and objective parts, keeping the corporate ship steady in changing streams.

Corporate policies and mandates are necessary evils, but when new, and proven, better ideas are found to be more effective, older, less inefficient ones must give way. Actual performance levels go up when a greater percentage of the corporate workforce is indoctrinated in the new processes in a timely manner, so good communication throughout the corporate structure is key. All individual parts must be made to feel included, thus ensuring a more sound whole.

Corporate innovation must be fueled today just to remain in the game. To get ahead and stay there requires even more.


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