How To Furnish an Executive Office

Furnishing an executive office is much different than furnishing an office used by staff workers or those that help run the office. While those offices require mostly secretarial furnishings, an executive office will need an office that that will be used to meet and greet other executives for business purposes. An executive office needs to be furnished with a larger than usual desk, upholstered chairs that are extremely plush and comfortable with a look that is befitting an executive that holds a degree of importance within the office.

This office would need a cold bar stocked with various types of drinks. It might also have a small refrigerator on the side or beneath the sink with hot and cold running water. The lights in the executive office should be able to be regulated from soft to bright with a touch of the finger. The carpet in this office should be plush and in a color that blends with the remainder of the decor. The executive chair can be made of leather and easily lean back when needed or can be made of soft suede with a curved back. The colors should match or blend in with the rest of the office.

  1. Take the measurements of the executive office. This will locate the longer wall. The bar would probably fit nicely on this wall, as it would need space for the refreshments, glasses, shelves, snack items as well as the drinks and a refrigerator.
  2. Measure the length of the office starting with the window and measuring down towards the office door. An executive desk should have the chair facing the door. This would enable the person sitting there to see who is coming through the door so he can be welcomed immediately. There should, of course, be a window in back of the leather chair if at all possible.
  3. Find comparable matching chairs for guests. It is important that guests be able to sit in front of the desk as well as on the side of the executive desk that would of course be facing the cold bar.
  4. Carpet the office with carpeting that matches the decor in color. Select the type of carpeting that befits the taste of the executive using this office.
  5. Make sure you buy a matching set of glasses. Buy glasses that will serve any use or purpose. Get snack and food items to stock the refrigerator as well as the bar. Do not forget to also purchase paper products, as guests will need to use napkins and/or paper plates.

Think of an executive office, when you furnish it, as a home away from home. After all, it is a place to welcome those who help the business grow.


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