How To Get a Corporate Education

The difference between having a job and having a career can be directly attributed to whether or not your employer supports the furthering of your education. Don't settle for the job. Search out those corporations offering you a career. Ask the recruiter. Study the corporation's website. Check with your business network. The corporation that promotes the education of its employees is the corporation offering you a career.

Once you are an employee, your prior education and training can be enriched through several types of corporate education programs. Corporate education can include technical, management or communication training, specifically targeted to current or future needs. Corporate education may be delivered at your work site by in-house trainers, or the corporation may contract for outside consultants to deliver the training. Many corporations utilize the convenience of education facilities in the region to host the education or training event. The off-site delivery method offers you two distinct advantages to on-site training: meeting new people and being unavailable for interruptions. The people you meet at education seminars form the core of your business network.  Make time to interact with other attendees on breaks or in small group discussions. A common practice at seminars is to make the attendees' contact information available upon request. Such information is invaluable as you build your career.  When you attend an off-site education seminar, there is less chance for casual and frequent interruptions by your co-workers and supervisors.  These advantages can make off-site education a desirable option for you.

Corporations interested in furthering your education may also offer an education reimbursement program.  Under this benefit, you may use the corporation's financial resources to gain a degree, certification or develop additional skills. Reimbursement may cover the cost of tuition, books and other incidentals. Usually, the benefit is a percentage of approved expenses and is capped at a dollar amount. The corporation will include a grade minimum before your tuition reimbursement check is paid to you. An additional advantage of an education reimbursement program is that the money reimbursed to you may be non-taxable up to certain limits established by the IRS.

If information on corporate educational opportunities is not published in an employee handbook, request a meeting with your immediate supervisor or with a representative from Human Resources.  Be prepared.  Clearly state your goals and be specific about the training or education you are seeking.  Always get prior, written approval before enrolling to insure the corporate benefit is applies to you.


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