How To Get Business Advice

One can locate quality business advice from a variety of sources. Few businesspeople are experts in all aspects of their businesses, so do not be embarrassed to ask for business advice from as many people and sources that will offer it. In fact, many businesses have an advisory committee full of experts in their various fields on staff for consultation.

The most common place to look for business advice is simply by asking other professionals. Other businesspeople tend to be very open and want to help you get your business off the ground and running smoothly. Professional networking events, such as those hosted by BNI or your local chamber of commerce, are great places to network with professionals and to get advice on a wide range of topics. In most cases the only payment that they are looking for is your advice on areas that you are well-versed in.

Family and friends can often provide more than just moral support for you. Don't overlook them for advice. They may not know how to run a business, but they may know about accounting, marketing, manufacturing, or other areas of your business; their expertise can prove invaluable as you are putting your company together or making changes to your business.

Another place to look for people who may be able to offer business advice is your local business college. Business colleges not only teach students business at the undergraduate and graduate levels but, more importantly, they employ well-regarded professors to teach business to these students. These are likely to be some of the most helpful local resources that you will ever find. If you want to ensure that you will get some time with them, sign up for a few classes. If that is not an option, visit during their office hours; if they are not busy with students you may be able to ask some questions and get some outstanding business advice from some of the top business professors in the country. Educators want to educate!

Finally, do not neglect research that you can conduct on your own. In this day and age there you can find a book and a website concerning just about every topic known to mankind. Go to the library and look for business advice in books. You'll likely uncover useful material that you can implement right away. Additionally, look online for cutting edge information. Corporations tend to be about a decade ahead of educational institutions since corporations are in the business to make money. Look for help and you'll get lots of business advice.


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