How To Get Company Logo Samples

There are several different ways to get company logo samples, many of which require very little time, effort or money. There are local design firms, online design companies, independent designers and many software choices to choose from. Prior to contacting design firms there are many considerations to keep in mind, including budgetary restraints, the image and message your company wants to publicly display and the type of logo being designed.

There are three basic logo types: font-based, logos depicting the service provided by the company or person being advertised, and abstract symbols. Font-based logos are based on a company or person's name. An example of a font-based logo would be IBM's logo. An example of a service-based logo would be the use of a paintbrush for a house painting business or a pen for a writer. Abstract symbol logos are used by Nike and Puma, among others.

Before requesting logo samples for your company, it would be advantageous to check out the logos being used by your competition.  Try to find examples of the three logo types, and have a basic idea of the image your company wants to project to potential customers.

There are several ways this can be achieved prior to inquiring about company logo samples. Someone in the company could draw several rough sketches of possible logos. Another option would be to create a sample logo or two by using logo software. It doesn't take long to master the software and there are many available online which are free to try and/or completely free of charge.

Established graphic design businesses keep samples of work they've done for other clients, catalogs of graphics, and price lists. Most of these firms will provide customers with several mock-up logos to choose from, based on the initial information provided, within a few days to a week. If a sample or two is brought in at that time, either hand drawn or computer generated, their designers will have a better idea of what the company is looking for and the turnaround time will be shortened.

Once a sample logo has been chosen, these companies will work on refining your logo's design based on additional input from you, the customer. Often these companies provide their clientèle direct contact with the designer or designers creating their logos, allowing the designers to better meet purchasers' requirements. Many web-based design firms not only display their previous works, but also allow potential clients to create their own sample logos and offer 24-hour customer support.


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