How To Get MCSA Certification

MCSA certification stands for Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.  Earning an MCSA certification proves to employers and customers that you have received training and passed all assessments to troubleshoot and manage computer systems operating in a Windows environment.

A person who is MCSA certified possesses the skills needed to perform well in several positions including information systems administrator, network technician, systems administrator, network operations analyst, technical support specialist, and systems administrator.

Before seeking a MCSA certification, a computer expert should have at least one to twelve months experience with a network operating system, a desktop operating system, and an existing network.  This work experience gives the person seeking a MCSA certification a good basic foundation of knowledge as well as experience.

Microsoft certifications help keep technicians updated in a rapidly changing world of software technology.  A MCSA certification proves that the technician is aware of changes made in Microsoft technology and is able to use Microsoft products and solutions effectively. Microsoft certification also gives technicians a marketable edge when they seek promotions or new jobs.

Obtaining a MCSA certification also helps to keep the IT technician interested in his job and therefore improves job satisfaction.

The demand for the MCSA on Windows server 2003 is expected to continue for years to come.  This makes a MCSA certification one of the most in demand Microsoft certifications an IT professional can obtain.

There are four exams that one must pass in order to get a MCSA certification:  two networking system exams, one client operating system exam, and one exam that is an elective.

You can choose to take your MCSA certification training in a traditional classroom or online.  You will find local classes in your area by placing "MCSA certification training" and your city in Google.  Most local training has complete information on their websites.

You may also choose to take your MCSA training and exams online.  There are hundreds of online services that will help you get training, do practice exams, and get certified.  Again, just put your search into Google to find the program that's right for you.

We have determined why getting MCSA certification is important to the IT professional's career.  In recent years, this certification is in demand by small and large companies whose server is Windows 2003.  The MCSA certification lets employers and customers know that the professional has the skills and knowledge to manage and troubleshoot a networking system within the client's system.  You could not make a better decision than to get a MCSA certification.


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