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Setting up a Web site requires several steps. First, you will want to have a domain name and you must have a server to host that domain. A server stores your Web site and makes it available to the Internet. There are many choices for companies that offer servers to host your Web site. There are several ways to get Web site hosting including free ways to host your Web site.

Free Hosting

Web site hosting can be done for free in many instances. If you are currently a customer of an Internet host, they often give free Web space. This may be only a page or two, but is a great option if you do not need that much space to start. You would have to contact your ISP for information on what may be available for you. You can also look for companies that offer free space for those who use their other services, such as blogging Web sites. They will also do Web site hosting for free if you have a blog set up with them. For instance, if you want to host an account with, your Web site would be However, in any of these cases, you are giving up design creativity, you will have space constraints, and you may not have access to extras like e-mail and subpages. You can also have a company do Web site hosting for free if you allow them to place ads on your Web site.

Inexpensive Hosting

Web site hosting is also available for relatively inexpensive prices by hosting companies. If you purchase your domain from them as well, you can receive a discount. Going with this option has many benefits. You can create e-mail addresses from the Web site, which gives your site a more professional look. You can also add as many subpages as you need. The sites often have templates to help you create a great looking site, but also offer the capability of loading your own designed site. You can also use additional tools like surveys, games and payment processors.

Wherever you choose to get Web site hosting, you will have to compare what you need with what is offered. If you are just starting your Web site and don't need much space, then a free host may be what you need. If you are looking for a lot of pages, a more professional look, and ability to be creative, then a paid Web site host may be the best alternative. Having a Web site is a great way to start your online presence and build your business at the same time.


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