How To Give Employee Gifts

The companies who give employee gifts remain a step above the competition as their employees feel appreciated. Of course, there are a few steps you should take to ensure when giving employee gifts, you are staying within government set standards. In other words, you need to be positive your employee gift giving is not going to affect your taxes.   

Stating the obvious, giving an employee a gift of recognition in the form of a plaque or certificate is not going to touch your IRS status. In fact, most employee gifts will not be subject to reporting such as a watch, pen set and lunch at a restaurant of the employee's choice. On the other hand, different rules apply when it comes to gifts of monetary value. The best option if your employee gift giving idea includes cash, is to check with the IRS Web site. This site will explain tax laws on employee gifts, such as that big holiday bonus.  

Employees love to receive gifts for any occasion, but when you give employee gifts for accomplishments, service and so forth, you are truly recognizing them as an effective employee. These types of employee gifts serve as great incentives, the true secret to raising employee morale. When choosing this type of employee gift, there are a number of retailers that offer the perfect solution. Employee gifts of this type include lapel pins, charms, rings, watches, and engraved awards, just to name a few of your employee gift giving options. 

Perhaps your employee gift is for a personal occasion such as a birthday or the holidays. As the holiday season approaches, you must make the choice between a personal employee gift based on his/her likes, or you have the option to give all of your staff matching gifts. There are sites that offer brilliant ideas for employee gift giving, but if you are leaning towards the same gift for all, find a site that suits your budget when buying in quantity. When giving individual employee gifts, it is best to understand the person. Talking to other staff members who know the person will help you gain ideas, ensuring your employee gift will be the right choice.   

Giving an employee a gift does not have to be a difficult task, in fact it only consists of three basic steps. Check the IRS Web site if the gift is of monetary value, choose the type of gift for the occasion and enjoy the motivation around the office.


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