How To Handle Work Injuries

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Getting hurt at work happens too often and most people are not clear on what they need to do to ensure that they receive worker's compensation while they are recovering. How you handle being hurt at work is important; here is what you need to be sure you do it the right away.

  1. As soon as possible after getting hurt, tell your employer what happened in writing and keep a copy for yourself. Waiting to report it is not the thing to do. An accurate documentation of your injury and how it happened will be vital if your employer should happen to dispute it.
  2. Do your best to write down the names of all your coworkers that saw you get hurt at work or who may have helped you right after it happened.
  3. Check to see if there is a list of doctors posted where you work and, if there is, choose one and get there as soon as possible. If there is not a list posted, then make an appointment with your own doctor right away. Remember to tell the doctor as many details as you can about what happened to you. If your injuries are of an urgent nature, by all means, get to an emergency room right away.
  4. If you happen to be put on medical leave because you got hurt at work, you should file a loss of wages claim so that you get worker's compensation.
  5. You will be notified as to whether or not your employer has agreed to be responsible for you being hurt at work. It will be either a payable notice or a denial notice that you get. If your employer denies it, then you should contact an attorney.
  6. Once your claim has been approved, it can take up to three weeks from the day you got hurt at work before you get your first check.

It is vitally important that you have copies of everything pertaining to your medical treatment, your initial statement stating you were hurt at work, all correspondence from both your employer and the insurance company, a record of the days you have missed work and the days you went to a doctor and every letter you have sent. (Keeping the envelopes for any letters that came in can prove when they were sent.) Going to every doctor appointment is also very important because your employer might use that against you.

Getting hurt at work is not something we want to happen, of course, but by applying everything written here, you will get through it all with ease and minimal worries.


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