How To Have a Green Business

When you run your business, there are many things that can get wasted such as paper, ink cartridges, packing material, and a variety of other supplies. If you choose to run a green business, you will reduce this waste while helping the environment. Below are a few tips in order to help you go green for your evaluation.

First, your everyday trash is a great place to start. Place bins around the office marked for: white paper, mixed paper, plastic, aluminum, and any types of recyclables that you use daily when running your business. Inform any staff that any paper or recyclable materials should be put in the proper bin. Once a week (or as necessary) you can change out the bags lining the containers and take the items down to a local recycling company.

If your business will have large amounts or recyclable waste, you can easily rent a recycling station to hold the extra. In this case, the waste will be picked up by the recycling company. Some items can even be recycled for money. Recycling is a great way to cut down on how much you have to send to the dump, and you don't have to rent as large a dumpster.

When you buy office products, try to buy ones that have been made from recycled products. This helps support the cycle of using things repeatedly, and keeping them out of landfills. If you use a lot of ink cartridges, these can also be reused. Some office supply stores will offer a coupon in exchange for them or for a certain amount of money toward another purchase. There are an assortment of places that will accept them.

To reduce electricity use, install more energy-efficient light bulbs throughout your office. These cost more in the beginning, but last much longer than traditional bulbs. Over time, you will see a drop in your bill through use of these wonderful new light bulbs. If you have areas that are used infrequently, install a motion sensor that turns the light on when there is movement in the room, then shuts them off after a certain amount of time when no movement is detected. This will also cut down on electricity use.

Making your business green is a wonderful way to save you money, help the environment, and be a responsible person. Using the tips offered above, you will have a good start on going green every day when working at the office.


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