How Can I Stop Businesses from Selling My Name on a Mailing List?

Unwanted emails are becoming an epidemic in America. Each day, we all receive spam emails that do nothing more than bog down our inbox and waste our time. As well, our physical mailboxes are overflowing with unwanted advertisements, useful for nothing more than bulk in our blue box. Consider how many trees are wasted by the inconsiderate people who operate these mailing lists! Get your name off of these mailing lists by asking businesses to stop selling your name and email address. Here's how:

Step 1

Beware who you give your email address to. The best way to stop businesses from putting your name on a mailing list is to prevent them from doing so. This is as easy as reading the details of any form you fill out. Don't click on anything that states that you are interested in receiving other offers from this company and its affiliates. And when you can, use a bogus email address. Some people prefer to use a separate email address specifically for online needs, so that all junk email will be directed to an email address separate from your personal email account. It's just another way to stop junk email from cluttering up your inbox.

Step 2

Call government organizations that you are affiliated with. You may be surprised to find out that government organizations who you give your personal information to may also be to blame for your name getting onto unwanted mailing lists. Selling your name to mailing lists is a source of revenue for any company, and the government is no exception. You will need to specifically call any organization that you are linked to and direct them not to include your name on mailing lists or to sell your name and address information to others. Otherwise, you risk becoming another victim of mailing list companies.

Step 3

Consider your credit report. Companies like Equifax and Experian may not have your email address but they may still be able to sell your personal information. If you think about it, their entire business is selling personal information to anyone who requests it. Although you may have to go through some red tape, call these credit report companies and request that you be removed from any information lists that they sell.

Step 4

Opt for ‘unlisted'. When you are giving your personal details to the telephone company, ask that your personal information not be included in public directories or telephone books. It will be one less way that marketers and businesses will be able to contact you. In addition, talk to other groups or organizations that you belong to and ensure that your information will not be sold to a mailing list. Increase your chances of not having your name on a mailing list by making it known that your information is not to be sold and that you will take immediate legal action against anyone who infringes on this right of yours.

Step 5

Make specific requests. If your name is still on the mailing list of certain companies, you will need to make specific requests to each company to remove your name and cease any further sale of your name and personal information. You can write to the company in person, make a phone call, or unsubscribe by clicking on the link in the email.  (Keep in mind that you may have to make a new request each year, as some removal requests have an expiration date.)

Step 6

Take legal action. The Supreme Court upholds our rights to stop unwanted mail from being delivered to our homes and inboxes. You can enforce your right under this law by completing form 1500 or Form 2150, called a "Prohibitory Order Against Sender." Obviously, this is a more expensive approach, but your results are almost guaranteed.

Evidently, businesses can acquire your name and personal information from many different sources. Your best defense to stop businesses from selling your name to mailing lists is to limit who you give your information to, make it known that your information should not be sold, and immediately contact anyone to enforce your right not to have unwanted mail delivered. Stay on top of unwanted mail, and you'll keep the amount of junk mail you get from getting out of hand.


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