How Printed Brochures Can Save You Money and Bring In Sales

Brochures are a multi-purpose marketing tool. Here are some tips on how brochures can save your business some money.

Step 1

Design for Your Target Audience - Designing your brochures for a specific client list will not only make your message more effective but also save your business money. Rather than throwing your money away on travel costs, you can mail a brochure instead. Be sure to thoroughly research your target audience so that your brochure printing has the most appeal.

Step 2

Tell a Story - Because of the extra space available on a brochure, you can include more than just a quick sales pitch. With a brochure, you have the space needed to draw your clients into the story you want to tell. Your audience is more likely to make a purchase with a brochure because you can go into the details of what problems your offer will solve, list the lifestyle benefits it includes, give the testimonials of happy customers, and call them to action. When designing your brochure, think of how you can turn your sales pitch into an interesting "story" that will engage clients and start them thinking, "I don't know how I've lived without this."

Step 3

Include Engaging Images - Breaking up your text with captivating and convincing images will increase the appeal and believability of your message. Use charts, graphs, pictures of customers without and with the product, iconic graphics, and more to give your audience an associative tool to remember your points. By the time you reach your call to action, the convincing points of your argument can get a little fuzzy. Use your images to review your points before pushing your call to action to remind clients exactly why they need your product or services.

Step 4

Design for Longevity - If designed correctly, brochures can be used for a long time, meaning that you can print more at once. An offset brochure printer can provide a lower cost per piece the more you order, giving you more for your marketing dollar. For creating longevity, use timeless phrases, such as "Founded in 1988" rather than "We've been around for 20 years." And avoid incorporating a short-lived design trend. Using a classic design style will insure that your brochure printing will still look up-to-date after a year or two.

Step 5

Make it Versatile - Of course, there are times when you need a specific marketing tool, but when you're looking for a versatile marketing piece, brochure printing is your answer. If you are needing to cut back on your marketing budget, brochures can replace much of your high dollar marketing media. For versatility, think about the different ways you would like to use your brochure before beginning the design process. For instance, a bigger brochure is great for when you only need it for a sales presentation but is not practical for a direct mail piece.

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