How Stamp Dispensers Work

In a workplace where you might not find the time or the patience to deal with looking for stamps among the other things on your desk, when sorting the pile of things that have found their way to your mailbox is already a chore, getting a stamp dispenser might be a good choice. This will also help you to organize your desk a bit, and you can easily see if you don’t have any stamps left and it’s time for you to get some, so that if you have a letter you really have to send, there’s no need to steal a stamp or two from your stamp album pages.

There are a variety of stamp dispensers available in the market, from stamp glass and plastic dispensers to stamp dispensers that you can customize with pictures and ones that appear in all manner of color, shape, design, etc., made to look like just another ornament on your desk. Usually, though, stamp dispensers have a small, transparent cylindrical body with a lid. Some would have slots cut in the lid and rounded tabs so that stamps stick up from the dispenser and you can easily pull one out if you need one. You can put a roll inside just such a dispenser from your stamp stock and keep it on your desk for easy use. Some dispensers would allow you to store not just a coil of postage stamps, but also address labels and stickers, as long as they’re small enough to fit, but there are exceptions. Some stamp dispenser models are designed specifically for storing USPS stamps in self-adhesive rolls, and these types manage the function of both stamp holder and affixer. This is how a stamp dispenser model like this generally works:

  1. First, of course, you have to load the stamps in the dispenser. Open the lid of the dispenser. You will usually be required to lift latches before you can open the lid. These latches are usually spotted on the outside of the rubber or rubber-lined plastic rollers on either side of the dispenser. Simply lift them with your fingers and nails until you can open the lid.
  2. Go back to your stamp roll and remove the first two stamps from its waxed paper backing so that you have two stamp blanks on your roll. Put the stamp roll inside your dispenser. You can manage this quite easily, because the inside of the dispenser would look like a slightly smaller version of a dispenser for scotch tape. Simply place the roll where you think it should go and stretch out the strip so that the two blank stamps are outside and the third stamp is level with the front of the dispenser.
  3. Close the lid and fold the strip of blank stamp down and slide it into the bottom of the roller to get it out of the way.
  4. To apply the stamps, you just have to press down on the front of the dispenser and slide it back.

These stamp dispensers are convenient, but they’re made for function rather than style, so you can’t think to decorate your desk with them. In the end, it’s up to you to decide which stamp dispenser you actually prefer.


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