How To Access Contacts Using the Vocus Public Relations Database

Vocus has a broad media database that can be accessed by organizations and business companies to gain information that will help them manage their media campaigns. The steps below will help you access contacts through the Vocus Public Relations Database.        

1. Log in to the Website.

Go to the Vocus website and enter your username and password. You can access the Vocus website anywhere you are just as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. Make sure you enter the correct information in the fields provided. If you’ve forgotten your log in information you can check your notification email or send an email to the company and they will send your personal information directly to your email account.            

2. Use the Search Field.

After you log in you will see the homepage on the Vocus interface. The interface has tabs to other pages, quick links, and a search field. You can use the search function to enter keywords to make a quick search for contacts, media lists, publicity opportunities, news and projects.                  

3. Expand Information.

You can expand the information from the search results to display more details from your contact. For example your Media Contact Results will show the contact’s name, outlet name, title, and so on. You can select the contact’s name and a pop up will appear to show that contact’s complete information in a vertical display. You can click the hyperlinks which appear in a different color, to show the complete information. For example you can learn more about the Media Outlet by clicking its name.

4. Use Advanced Search.

Refine your search results by using the Advanced Search option. Use this option to narrow down the results to display information that fits your search qualifications. For example if you are looking for media groups in a particular location then you can include the geographic area and the search will return results for media groups in that area. You can narrow the results even further by giving more details about the type of search you prefer like a particular type of media.

5. Print your results.

When you have the information list you need, you can download them to your computer or print them out. In the top right area on the toolbar you will find the Reports option. Select Reports to display the options to print or download to your hard disk. If you want to print the results, select print and then set up your printing options. If you wish to download the list to your computer then select the export option. Browse for a location on your computer to save the results.

Through the huge database on Vocus you can use the information from media contacts to monitor activities and be able to distribute broadcasts to your target media contacts.


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