How To Access Meeting Maker Over the Internet

We are all familiar with the saying 'Time is Gold'. This is especially true with any business, whether small or large scale, because time is crucial in order to make your business endeavors succeed. Organizing your manpower and keeping everyone updated with activities and appointments can be challenging, but there is software that you can use in order to manage time in the work place. Meeting Maker is a networked scheduling software application wherein the Meeting Maker Server will consolidate all the users' information with the Calendar applications. Meeting Maker not only supports Mac and Microsoft, but is also accessible over the Internet. Outlined below are the steps in order for you to access meeting maker over the Internet:

1. Get the URL in order for you to access Meeting Maker.

The person whom you can get the URL from is of course your Meeting Maker administrator. Ask for the URL in order for you to access Meeting Maker over the Internet, along with your sign in name and password.

2. Pull up your Internet browser and enter the URL you got from your Meeting Maker administrator.

Meeting Maker can be accessed using any type of Internet browser, so just pull one up on your computer, and key in the URL that you were provided with by your Meeting Maker administrator.

3. Sign in to Meeting Maker on your browser.

After typing in the URL, the welcome page will appear on your screen. Enter your sign in name and your password on the sign in window.

4. Select the Meeting Maker server where your information is inputted.

Your Meeting Maker administrator will also give you the server you can use, but if there is only one on the list, then you can use it. After entering your sign in details, go to the 'Server' dropdown menu and choose the server you will be using and then click 'Sign In'. Now you can view and access your Calendar over the Internet.

Now with the help of the Meeting Maker scheduling software which provides personal calendar and group scheduling applications, you and your business can maximize each and every second in the workplace, ensuring that all tasks are done in a timely manner because you can see the availability of your colleagues, schedule meetings, accept and reject meetings you can not attend directly on the calendar, and specify important information such as the venue and the materials that will be needed, and all these information are accessible to your colleagues.


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