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Having won 25 Pulitzer Prizes in the past 77 years, the Chicago Tribune newspaper showcases articles written by topnotch journalists through the years. These articles are certainly worth revisiting and rereading for people who value historical events or even for people who just love plain old reminiscing. Lucky for you, the Chicago Tribune comes with an online archive that can be accessed almost anytime and anywhere around the globe. You just need a computer, an Internet connection, and these simple steps to browse history, as you need it, when you need it. Through these steps, you will be able to utilize Chicago Tribune's archives in your office, your home, your favorite café or wherever else by using pages from Before surfing the site for articles, please also bear in mind that copyright law protects articles from this site. In light of that, please use these articles only for your personal and non-commercial use.

  1. Go to and find the "new tools" option at the left hand side of the page. After hovering over it, a box with new options should appear. Click "Archives" from the list.
  2. Now, you are in the advanced search page of the Chicago Tribune. This will help you pinpoint your article of interest right away. Fill in the known fields regarding your desired article and click search. If you have difficulty finding an article, helpful tips (particularly for the obituaries section) are available in the site by selecting "FAQ" and "Search Tips" from the options at the left side.
  3. After finding the article, you have an option of buying the full article or reading the gist of it. The date and author of the article is also displayed. The site presents several offers through credit cards if you opt to buy the full articles. Just choose the mode of payment and package that best suits you and then click "Buy Now." 
  4. However, you may also get full articles for FREE if they were published after 2005 by logging on to Simply choose the date of the article (as stated in the previous page) by clicking the year then the month at the right hand side. After which, you may directly choose the day the article was published or first the section where the article is included. Sections such as news, business, health, etc. may be selected to further narrow down your displayed search results. If you do not find your desired article here, it is either that article is too old or too new to be in the archives. If the latter is true, proceed to step 5.
  5. At the bottom of the page, there are several links to the main page of Chicago Tribune. If the article you need is still part of the latest news, just click on the sections such as classifieds, opinion, travel, news, etc and you will most likely find it there. Various video clips are also available in this site, so feel free to browse for and stream the related videos to your targeted articles.

So these are the steps you need to easily find old articles that suddenly become hard to find when you need them most. With this, you can get the job done in the office and satisfy your own curiosity efficiently and quickly.    


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