How To Accomplish Your Goals

Twelve Easy Steps to Complete Your Dreams This Year!

Puzzled about how to reach your lofty dreams this year? Think of the "Domino Effect". Each step, when completed, begins the next phase. The key is to keep it going!

  1. Purpose. The first step always begins with a purpose. Your purpose is your reason for living, for being created. Your divine destiny. You can't have goals until you have a purpose.
  2. Plan. Take a moment to think about your goals. How will they help you achieve your purpose in life?
  3. Prioritize. It's easy to dream of big, lofty goals, but in reality, we know we're not going to accomplish all of our goals this year. Some are short-term and others are long-term. So prioritize by ranking the most important first.
  4. Prepare. Now that you know which goals are most important, what do you need to do to accomplish them? What foundations do you need to lay, what legwork do you need to do first?
  5. Procure. What tools do you need to reach your goals? Make a list of the tools you need and be resourceful. Research on the internet, ask friends, find what you need.
  6. Perform. Take action, start now! It doesn't have to be perfect. Remember, it's better to take some action and get momentum going, than to sit idle and wait.
  7. Pursue. Be assertive, go out and make it happen! The opportunity is not going to drop in your lap. But as you are searching and asking, the right doors will be opened...and you will be prepared for them when they do open!
  8. Persist. There's enormous power in being persistent. In fact, diligence and unwavering commitment are necessary to achieve any desirable goal.
  9. Procure. What good are your efforts if there aren't any results? Produce results that meet your goals, or at least get you one step toward your goals each day.
  10. Perfect. Perfect your good habits by following simple systems -- easy techniques you don't have to think about, you know they work!
  11. Practice. Practice your methods over and over, each time improving upon the last time. Rehearse doing it the "right way".
  12. Partner. Don't be afraid to reach out and expand your horizons. You'll find great synergy in collaborating with like-minded ambitious folks who share your values.

To fulfill your dreams this year, follow the twelve steps in order. When your goal seems overwhelming, break it down into easy steps. Just keep working on your goals, following your dreams, a little every day, and before you know it your dreams will be reality!


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very true facts... can you suggest ways by which we can make them practical over a long time period? i tend to slip back to conventional lazy means after practicing these for some days...

By Akshay Surendran

Yes, a little everyday...tanks for the Ps.

By Mary Norton