How To Add Massage Services to a Beauty Salon

Massage services have grown in popularity and adding such services to an existing beauty salon business is a great way to increase potential revenue. However, before you jump head first into hiring a masseuse you need to consider all the steps you will need to take in order for this addition to carry out successfully and without problems.

Step One:

Research the various aspects of adding massage services and make sure the addition will be beneficial to your business. Consider the average cost of massage services in your area, the number of clients that local masseuses see in an average day, and the room size and amenities offered by local massage centers and spas.

Step Two:

Renovate an area of your business, or build on to your business to provide the amount of space necessary for at least one room to devote to massage services. Equip the room with the basic massage service tools including a massage table, loads of clean towels, aromatherapy candles and massage oils.

Step Three:

Run ads in local papers or on local television or radio stations advertising the open position your business has for a masseuse or massage therapist. Be sure to classify that you are looking to hire a licensed massage therapist in order to credit the services offered by your business.

Step Four:

Evaluate applicants and discuss contracts regarding what percentage of each massage your business will receive, and how much the masseuse will receive. You may hire them on commission; receiving a potion of each massage; salary, guaranteeing a set pay each week even when less massage services are performed than on average; or rental fees for using the extra room of the beauty salon.

Step Five:

Use your knowledge of what massages in the area cost, as well as your knowledge of the average income of masseuses in your area, to negotiate a fair payment to your new employee. Never set a contract for too far in advance since you do not know if the addition of massage services will be profitable in the end or not.

Step Six:

After you have hired a masseuse, run ads to invite customers to take advantage of your new massage services. Offer “grand opening” specials to interest customers and keep them coming back. Advertise in newspapers, on local websites, radio announcements and television stations. Offer gift cards for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and place fliers in local hotels to reach area tourists.

Step Seven:

Keep track of how much revenue your new addition is creating. If the cost to continue providing massage services is more expensive than revenue created by the services, then you may want to consider getting rid of the massage services before the entire salon business suffers from lack of funds.


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