How To Add Your Business to the Yellow Pages

If you own your business, then you need to advertise so potential customers are aware of your product or service. One of the easiest ways to advertise your business is to get it listed in the Yellow Pages. Yellow Pages are business-to-consumer directories which are a convenient way for people to locate products or services they're interested in. To find out how you can add your business to the Yellow Pages, read on...

Step 1

Check for the various directories available in your area. Each area will have a set of directories which cater to customers' needs in that area. Find out the primary utility directory - will usually be the company which provides the main communication lines and equipment for that area. There may be another 3-4 additional directories which also have a Yellow Pages section.

Step 2

Find out the respective charges. Each publication will have its rate card for advertising services, depending on the size of the advertisement. Rates will be provided for full, half or quarter pages of advertising as well as a general or highlighted listing in the alphabetical directory.

Step 3

Spending your advertising budget. Depending on how much money you have set aside for advertising, the following strategy should help in promoting business:

  • Get a standard listing in all directories, with exceptions to the guidelines below
  • Get a highlighted listing in at least 2 of the directories
  • Take a half or quarter page ad in the local utility book
  • Full page ad in the utility book if your budget so permits

Step 4

Ensure a listing in each and every available directory. Consumers usually keep a variety of Yellow Pages publications on hand, so it makes sense to have a listing in all the publications that are in circulation. Decide what type of listing will go into what publication, using the strategy mentioned in step 3 as a point of reference. If you are able to find out which publication has the highest circulation figures, then it makes sense to take out a full ad or highlighted listing in that publication.

Step 5

Secure your listings. Once you've made your selections, make the necessary payments, provide the content for your listing and/or ad and get a confirmation of receipt of payment and content. Check the next issues of all the Yellow Pages directories you've subscribed to for your listings and advertisement(s).

Getting your business added to the Yellow Pages is a very simple activity. Just follow the guidelines above to get started.


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