How To Address an Envelope

It is very important to know how to properly address an envelope.  Without a properly addressed envelope, your letter may not get delivered properly.  There are a few steps to properly address an envelope, but if you follow the instructions, it will ensure that your mail will not get delayed due to your envelope.

The first thing you need to do is to write your return address in the top left corner.  That would be the address you are mailing the letter from. On the first line, write your name. Then, on the second line, write your house number and street. Then beneath that, write your city, state, and zip code. Do not use commas on these lines; it will slow your mail during processing. Here is an example of what the return address should look like:

Jane Doe
112 Main Street
AnyTown MN 55123

In the middle of the envelope, you will need to put the address that you are mailing the letter to. On the first line, put the person's name. Beneath that, add their house number and street. Beneath that, write their city, state, and zip code. Again, do not use commas.  For a business, write the business name on the first line, the department on the second line, the house number and street on the third line, then the city, state and zip on the fourth line. Here is an example of what that should look like:

Any Business
Accounting Department
143 Main Street
AnyTown MN 54123

After addressing your envelope, you need to add a stamp to the upper right corner. Make sure the stamp is the correct postage amount. If it is not enough postage, the post office will not deliver your envelope.  Also, it helps to make sure your stamp is right -side up.  This also is an important step in properly addressing your envelope.

There are a few things you should not do while addressing an envelope. You should not use colored ink, put stickers on the envelope, or write on the back of the envelope. These may make your envelope look nice, but doing these things will cause the post office to manually handle your envelope, since the machines at the post office will reject the envelope.  Having the workers at the post office manually handle your envelope will cause the mail to be delayed, so it will not get to its destination as fast as it should. Another important aspect of properly addressing an envelope is making sure your envelope is sealed. Obviously, if your envelope is not sealed, its contents may fall out.

As you can see, it is important to follow the directions on how to properly address an envelope. Doing so will allow your envelope to get delivered quickly.


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