How To Admit Mistakes

The best thing about making mistakes is that it provides several opportunities to test one’s fortitude and character. Once you realize you screwed up, you can either act dumb and pretend you didn’t know you messed up, or you can look around to see if anyone else saw or heard you mess up and if they didn’t, you can then decide if you will fix your mistake or continue to act dumb. However, if you make a mistake and others see that you have made a mistake, here is what you do:

  1. Make sure what you did is actually a mistake – there is a small chance that what you thought was a mistake, wasn’t.
  2. If another person realizes your mistake, approach the person, explain what happened and then immediately begin to make it right.
  3. Now, if you erred in your words to another person, said something you regret, or lied, then that will take a bit of humbling of spirit. It’s better to just approach the person, not in a sappy superficial manner, but sincerely tell the other person, what you did and that you regret it.
  4. The key to admitting mistakes is to leave out the blame! Don’t try to sneak in excuses for what you did or said; don’t blame others for your mistake. No one wants to have to dig through your excuses to determine if you are truly sorry.
  5. Once you confess your mistake, simply be quiet. The other person may or may not forgive you, but you have no control over that. Your part is to admit the mistake, not manipulate the results or the other person. Confession alone should make you feel loads lighter.

You might be thinking, why admit my mistake if no one knows about it. Well, because integrity is an important thing, even if know other one knows – YOU know, and a believe it or not, your knowing your mistake will affect you more than others. Like the saying goes, holding a grievance inside is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick and die. That won’t happen, will it? If you leave mistakes unfinished, they will haunt you. Even if you can put it out of your head, your soul will know it. It is not worth it.

Not only that, if your mistake is small, or really didn’t hurt anyone, you should still try to make it right because by doing that you will start to establish a foundation of integrity and self-preservation. That is always good.

So, If you did it, or said it, go confess it. Only good can come out of approaching mistakes with positive reactions and making things right.


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