How To Advertise a Book on a Poster

One of the most effective marketing tools that you can employ to advertise and promote your book to consumers is through a well designed and appealing book poster. This traditional and proven method in capturing a market that will create revenue for your book is still quite practical in spite of the many other new and innovative ways to advertise in this digital age we are living in. However, book posters are only effective if you are able to incorporate the right hooks and images that will intrigue the potential readers on the subject matter that will eventually result in these people to purchase your book. Here are some worthwhile tips on how to create an effective book poster for advertising and marketing purposes.

  • Determine the theme of your book. Before laying down your book into poster art, it is recommended to reflect on the actual selling point of your book. For instance, if your book is a self-help or business tutorial book, then your theme should be really to help people. This being said, you will need to enact a book poster designed to attract people needing the information about the book.
  • Take photos or images of your book cover. You will want the book to be plastered on the poster. A good way to do this is by hiring a professional to take some quality shots of your book cover. Again, this will depend on the whole theme of the book. For instance, if your book is a fictional thriller about vampires, then you will want the shots artistically done in a gloomy, red light. Discuss this with the photographer. You may hire a graphic artist to design an image if you already have a digital copy of your book cover ready.
  • Write a copy. The main body of your book poster will be the copy you write. The copy should contain elements and hooks that will appeal and capture your target audience and entice them into purchasing your book. Obviously, this would require writing a copy that will be in line with your theme. For instance, if you are launching a book on how to help people earn more money during a recession, then your copy should be all about that exactly.
  • Gather reviews and testimonials. Have your book read by other people including experts and critics. Ask them to send you a review of the book. Get some quotes from these reviews and include it in the content for the poster.
  • Layout the poster for printing. Once you have the images and the content all ready, start having the poster organized and designed. Consider using a professional layout artist for this. Request several samples for you to choose from. Select the most appropriate one and have it printed.

Once you have the right amount of posters produced and printed, contact all the bookstores that have your book in stock and request if they can plaster your book poster in front of the store or in specific areas inside the store. Consider asking them to dedicate a specific area for promoting your book. If possible, augment this with a book signing event if your book sales become rather high.


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