How To Advertise a Business Inexpensively and Effectively

While there are many free ways to get your business name out, how do you advertise a business inexpensively and effectively? While some may suggest “accidentally” dropping your business cards in public places, this may not be the most effective approach.  After all, do you really want to spend money on business cards just to have them swept up with chewing gum wrappers?  I don’t think so.

Instead, why not follow tried and true marketing principles.  Here are the steps you should take when using free and inexpensive marketing methods.  Following these steps will ensure that your advertising efforts are both inexpensive and effective – unlike the littering approach.

First, research your target market.  Knowing your customer is the most important factor in guiding your inexpensive advertising efforts.  To effectively market your product or service, you need to know who your customer is and how they live.  If you know your customer is typically a single white male, then don’t waste your time and effort posting flyers at daycare centers and supermarkets.  Head off to local gyms, clubs, or sporting venues instead.

Once you know how your customer lives, you’ll know how to effectively market your business.  Plenty of free advertising opportunities exist.  Check out local bulletin boards, high school and college papers, or classified ads.  Don’t forget press releases with your local paper.  Advertising a business inexpensively means spending more time and effort than money.  Just make sure those efforts are noticed by the people who matter – your target market!

Next, you’ll want to keep up that inexpensive advertisement by marketing to your current clients.  Don’t lose a customer after one transaction!  Focus some of your advertising efforts on getting repeat business.  This advertising can be inexpensive and very effective.  Be sure to include your branding with everything you give your customer, whether it is a business card, a coupon, a brochure, or even a receipt.  Keep your name in front of them.  If at all possible, invest in freebies to give to your customers.  These should be items they can use daily, such as pens, magnets, or mouse pads.  While inexpensive for you, these items can prove to be invaluable ways of effectively advertising your business.

After you’ve done your legwork in the local market, it’s time to advertise worldwide.  Through the use of blogs and other networking sites, you can freely and effectively advertise your business.  When you’re ready to invest a little money into online advertising, sign up for a pay per click program.  These services normally charge you only when a customer clicks on your ad and allow you to set a spending budget.  That way, you can ensure that your advertising remains inexpensive.

As you can see, marketing doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can advertise a business inexpensively and effectively with the ideas you found in this article; for more detailed information on the latest marketing trends, you may want to pick up a few online marketing classes.  However you choose to advertise your business, just remember to focus your efforts on your target market and, once you have them, keep them coming back!


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