How To Advertise a Furniture Store

The advertising and marketing strategies for a furniture store are pretty much the same as the strategies used for any other type of business. There may a few different kinks to fine tune since the target market may differ from other industries, but the essence is still the same. If you are managing a furniture store and you are looking for effective advertising options, then here are some that you can tinker with.

  • Newspapers. Posting your ads on traditional broadsheets is one of the best ways to get more people in a specific area to know about your store and the various pieces you sell. Design an ad with a lot of images of the top pieces in your store. Incorporate a nice copy to supplement the images. Once that is done, contact the local newspapers and start running your ad. The best place for your ad in the paper is in the lifestyle sections so make sure to specify that to the ad consultant you talk to.
  • Magazines. Home, lifestyle, and interior design magazines are always the best publications to get some mileage from. This being said, prepare a nice one page ad that you can run in the various publications relevant to furniture. Make sure to choose the publications with a wide readership base. Contact the publication and inquire about their rates. If the one page ad is out of your price range, then consider taking a half or quarter page ad. Pay the fee and submit your ad to them for processing in their next issue.
  • Billboards. Outdoor advertising and marketing is another great way to promote the various furniture pieces in your store. Drive around your area and look around for billboards in busy intersections and streets. Inquire at the agency selling the ad space. Discuss the timeframe of the advertising to come up with a finalize rate for the space. Sign a contract and submit the design for the billboard. You will be required to print the billboard yourself so make sure that the costs of printing is within your advertising budget.
  • TV. If you really want a wider audience, then advertising on TV is probably your best solution. However, it is also the most expensive solution. Well, if you have the budget, then this should not be a problem. Contract a marketing or commercial production company to create your TV ad. Once that is done, contact the TV channels you wish to run your commercial on and agree on the rate and terms of contract. Sign the contract, submit the commercial, and wait for it to come on during the specified time and spots.
  • Internet. Another way to expose your pieces and store to a wide audience without having to spend as much as that of running a TV commercial is by marketing and advertising your products online. Create a website for your furniture store and display picture of your stock in it. As soon as the website is up and running, create some banners that you can provide to blogs and websites relevant to your industry. Pay for the space on their site for the banner. If an Internet user clicks on the banner, they will be redirected to your website. You may promote your website by using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well. The more traffic you can direct to your website, the more potential sales you can accrue. This is the bottom line of any advertising campaign anyway.

Try to hire an advertising consultant to walk you through all your options especially if you are not too immersed in the whole world of marketing. If possible, try to utilize all the options stated for a better bottom line.


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