How To Advertise Auto Parts

Advertising to sell auto parts can be accomplished in several different ways. It doesn't have to be expensive. Most ads for automobile parts have very nominal charges. A key point to remember is that you must reach the people who need what you have to offer.

  • Muscle car magazines that advertise automobiles for sale are one of the main places to put classified ads for parts. Regular used car magazines also allow classified ads in several categories. Muscle car and used car websites also offer a classified ad section. Your advertisement for auto  parts can also be listed on Craigslist for your area.
  • Ads in local newspapers and buy and sell publications are also excellent for advertising individual auto parts.
  • You can also acquire a display space at local car shows. Offer a business card and a list of the parts you currently have available. Set up a small table and take requests for any parts car enthusiasts are having trouble finding. Act as a search service, find the part and resell it to your customer. Magnetic business cards, note pads and pencils are a good item  to offer free  and they are fairly inexpensive to get.
  • Visit the companies that sponsor the shows, such as local mechanic shops. See if they have a wall space or bulletin board where you can post a flyer or business card.
  • Go to public gatherings  such as automobile demolition derbies and racing events. Distribute your business cards and flyers. If the public event offers door prizes, create a gift certificate. When the prize winner is announced, your name and business information will be heard by everyone attending.
  • Many grocery stores, laundromats and small rural post offices offer a bulletin board for local residents to post business cards or flyers.
  • You might also want to contact local automotive body shops, car parts stores and junk yards to see if they will recommend you for parts  they are unable to supply.
  • Direct mail marketing is also an option. Use the flyer you created for bulletin board postings or create a post card size advertisement. Mail the flyer or card to anyone you feel may be interested or use target marketing to get your business information to the people who need it.
  • Create an email ad that can be sent on the internet to anyone who has responded to your ads. Don't just send one email and forget them. Be consistent, send an email every six weeks or so.
  • Also create an inexpensive website. List the parts you currently have and tell your website visitors to check back often as the kinds of parts available change periodically. Ask for requests for parts they cannot find.
  • Also create a signature line for every email you send out.


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