How To Advertise in Magazines

Print advertising in magazines continues to be a very effective way to get your message out to a target audience regarding your product or service.  Despite the growing popularity of advertising on the internet, there are still millions of consumers who enjoy sitting on a plane, a commuter train or an easy chair at home and browsing through their favorite magazine, complete with black-and-white and four-color advertisements.

Among the best reasons to place print advertising in magazines is that magazine readers tend to rate high in purchasing power, magazines deliver consistent results to advertisers, magazine ads are proven to drive readers to visit internet websites, and magazines continue to be considered a credible resource for learning about new products, businesses and services.

Advertising is largely a matter of testing what works and what doesn't, so when considering advertising in magazines, have a budget set in place before you begin and opt for a series of smaller ads, one-quarter to no more than one-third of a page, rather than full-page ads as a starter.  Be consistent and run the same ad on a weekly or monthly basis and track the results.

Don't immediately go for glamorous national magazines if your target audience is a niche market in your local area.  Look at niche magazines that are read by the kind of consumers who would buy your product or purchase your service.

Work with a professional copywriter and graphic designer to make your ad short but memorable.  Instead of cramming too much information into your print ad, invite the reader to visit your website or call an 1-800 number.  If your own in-house advertising agency creates your ad, you can save yourself the 15% commission normally paid to an agency.  If your budget is too small to hire an agency, see if the magazine's advertising department offers their creative services as part of the rate paid to place the advertisement.

Get the facts about circulation, readership and competing ads from your magazine sales representative. In most cases your charge to place a print magazine ad will be more economical the frequently the ad is scheduled to run, so discuss a realistic timetable for your ad with your ad representative.

Check the effectiveness of your magazine ad by asking customers who make further inquiries exactly where they saw your ad. Some advertisers also place a special code or box number in their print ad to track the number of customers who mention that code or number to indicate that your magazine ad inspired them to take action.


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