How To Advertise on Craigslist and Sell Items Faster

Need to sell something fast? Why not post an advertisement on Craigslist and watch clients come to inquire about your item? As a popular online classified advertisement, Craigslist can make your item known to millions of people around the world. Because of this, effectively marketing your item on Craigslist can quickly get you buyers and help you make some cash.

If you’re interested in knowing ways how to advertise your item on Craigslist, read the tips below:

  • Place advertisements under the right category. Putting your item’s advertisement under the right category makes your item easier to find. For instance, if you’re selling an antique vase and you’ve put it under the electronic category, people who are looking for antique vases under the antique category will miss your item. Because of this, always check that your item is under the correct category before finalizing your online posting.
  • Use descriptive titles. When naming your item, make sure that it is search-friendly and it embodies your item. Using the antique vase example from above, be descriptive on naming it and don’t just use “vase” as its name. Describe its type, design, and color. Thus, if the antique vase you’re selling is brown with a dragon design, say so in its name. In addition to this, label your item with search-friendly terms. Use terms that are commonly used by people. Don’t make things complicated by calling your item “hanse-pot,” an ancient term for vase. With all of these things considered, the name of your item in Craigslist should be “brown, ancient vase with dragon design.”
  • Add a picture. Nothing is more enticing in an advertisement than an item with a picture. Because of this, always include in your advertisement a photo of your item. You can do this by taking a picture of your item in a clean and well-lit place. Take several pictures of your item from different angles and post the best ones.
  • Be honest about your item’s defects. If your item has a dent, scratch, or chip, mention this in your advertisement. This saves you and the buyers from wasting time on a transaction that will be canceled later on. Don’t worry about not finding any buyers for item. There are some people who still buy items with a defect or two as long as it’s still usable and it’s priced reasonably.
  • Browse prices. One thing you can do to stay on the competitive edge is to examine the price range of items that are similar to the item you’re selling. Be careful not to under price your item. You may win over many potential buyers, but once the transaction has been done, you may find later on that the deal was not worth it.

When you’ve found a buyer on Craigslist, it is advisable that you check whether you can meet with the buyer personally to avoid scams. Be careful, however, when personally meeting someone from Craigslist. If possible, meet in a public area where many people can see you. Also, tell a friend or a family of your whereabouts and expected return time. In addition to these, never ever give any personal information about yourself, especially your financial information, to anyone on Craigslist. This is to avoid scammers from using your information for their benefit.


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