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Advertising online has many advantages: First, it is cheaper than advertising on television, radio and print media; second, ad exposure reaches a wider audience; third, it enhances attention to and recall of the ad and the brand; and fourth, immediate responses could be generated in the form of click throughs. Here are steps to begin advertising on one of the world leaders in online marketing: Yahoo.

  1. Visit Yahoo’s Advertising page. You have the following options: advertise products and services or job offers, earn a profit by posting other people’s advertisements on your web pages, or track the progress of your advertising activities.
  2. To advertise your products and services, register on Yahoo’s Search Marketing. The first step requires you to fill out a form and selecting your time zone. Select the proper time zone because this will influence your transactions and would not be changed once you have set it.
  3. Next, select the type of market you would like to advertise to. You could choose to advertise to the entire area of the place you indicated, or you could narrow down your market into regions or cities. You could search places on a list or click on an interactive map.
  4. After designating your market, go to the next step and type in keywords that describe your business. Make sure that you describe your business clearly and comprehensively.
  5. You would be given a list of suggestions of keywords that are entered in online searches as well as the frequency of each group of keywords. You could add these to your list of keywords.
  6. State your budget for advertising by entering your daily spending limit and your maximum bid, or how much you will pay for every click a potential customer makes to your ad. Your inputs would affect the estimated number of times your ad would be viewed and the number of clicks. The higher your bid, the higher will be the chance that your ad will be seen and be clicked by potential customers.
  7. This is the most crucial step: making your ad. Give a title and description that is straightforward yet enticing. Tell the viewers directly what you sell and how your product can help them. Don’t color it with vague qualifiers such as perfect, beautiful, or best. Make sure that the title and description are associated with your keywords. You could preview your ad to know how it would look like when posted.
  8. If you’re done with your ad, give your contact and billing details. After doing so, you are ready to activate your ad or save it for later.
  9. If you want to put ads from other people on your page, or direct traffic to your site, you could apply at Yahoo! Publisher Network. Like in Yahoo Search Marketing, you would fill out a form, this time information regarding your site are required.
  10. You could post job listings on Yahoo’s Recruitment section. Fill out necessary information to avail of this.
  11. To research on advertising and sale trends, use Yahoo Analytics. On the page, select what you want to know more about.

Yahoo offers a variety of great advertising solutions to choose from. Making use of Yahoo means that successful online advertising is just a few mouse clicks away.


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