How To Advertise Real Estate Business

A typical real estate business, namely a real estate brokerage, focuses on selling and leasing various properties. Thus, the focus of the advertising for this type of real estate business is usually the properties themselves. However, there are many services that are also often offered - such as appraisals and property management - that should be advertised as well. 

These days, there are so many options available to advertise your business that it can be difficult to put together a comprehensive marketing plan.  To get a handle on all of your marketing options you may want to take some online business classes - these can help you focus your efforts.

The most traditional and common way to advertise real estate is the printed classified ads. These ads are available in various types of print media, such as metropolitan newspapers, community newspapers, advertising papers and various types of magazines. Recently, the classified ads have spread from actual, traditional printed media to online or new media. It is important for the real estate business to achieve a proper mix of classified ads for getting successful results from their advertising.

If the properties being sold or leased are new, special or upscale, it is usually necessary to run ads with more visual appeal and photos. This is usually done by placing what are called display ads in the various printed, traditional media. This type of advertising is accomplished online by placing what are called banner, side bar and pop-up ads on various, appropriate Web sites.

Another important and key form of advertising in the real estate business is the use of signs. Many properties get sold and leased sometimes just by the use of proper signage. For sale or for lease signs should be clearly designed and prominently displayed. It is very important that the contact phone number and name of the real estate business be very visible. Also, major branding elements of the business, such as colors and logos, should be incorporated into the signage.

A very useful and cost effective advertising tool in real estate is the printed flier. While it is important for an effective flier to be properly designed, it is perhaps even more important that the flier be smartly distributed. Therefore, if the flier is featuring a given house for sale, it should be immediately distributed to the neighborhood the house for sale is located in. If you split sales commissions with other real estate brokers, the fliers should be delivered to local area real estate offices.

One of the simplest ways to advertise your real estate business is the regular and proper use of the business card. Not only should you freely hand out your business card to prospective clients, but to practically everyone you come into contact with. 

Don't forget to register for an online class in business marketing; these programs can give any budding entrepreneur valuable insight into the latest innovations in advertising.


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