How To Advertise Work at Home Jobs on Craigslist

When you need to find someone to work for you, one of the best places to do that is the community bulletin board known as Craigslist.  These are online boards where people post jobs, want ads and other things of interest.  Of course, these days you may also have work at home jobs you want to advertise and, again, Craigslist is probably one of the best places to look.

First, you need to visit the Craigslist that represents your city to post your work at home job.  For example, if you are trying to reach someone in Chicago, you would want to visit the version of Craigslist.  In the upper left side of the screen you will see a link that says “post to classifieds.”  Click on that and you are on your way to advertising your work at home job on Craigslist.

The next step is to post the work at home job on the right Craigslist board.  In this case, you will want to click on “job offered.”

Step three is to decide what category among the jobs offered lists on Craigslist that your work at home job qualifies for.  For example, if the work at home job you want to post on Craigslist is an administrative job, click on that category.  If the job is accounting, click on that category.  Choose the right one.

Step four, will ask you to pick which part of the city you want to advertise too.  In larger cities, such as Chicago or New York, Craigslist will ask you to choose “city” or “north” or some other direction.  You can also choose to advertise your work at home job in the suburban section of Craigslist.  Choose the right one.

Step five, create a title.  You will probably want to put the words “Work at Home” right in the title so that job seekers reviewing the ads on Craigslist will know.  This will also help them search.  Enter a description of the work at home job.  Outline as much as you can, and describe the possible compensation as well.  Since the job is work at home, you can click, at the bottom, “telecommuting OK.”  Then hit continue.

At some point you will be asked to pay for the ad regarding your work at home job on Craigslist.  Use a credit card or debit card.  The fees on Craigslist are relatively cheap.  Then hit submit.

You will be asked to verify your ad for your work at home job.  That will appear in your e-mail address.  Once you review it and submit it, the ad for your work at home job will be advertised on Craigslist for anyone to see.  Those responding will send their resumes and e-mails to your e-mail address.


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