How To Advertise Writing Services

Starting your own website is one way to advertise writing services. Getting started does not have to cost a lot of money to start. You can start by purchasing a domain and price will vary depending on provider and whether you choose .com, .net, or .info. Hosting can simply be done through a blog company such as blogger and forwarded to your domain.

Business cards are easy to carry and even easier to hand out. Purchase from one of those free companies and you just pay shipping and handling for about 200 cards. Make sure you pass these out to everyone you meet. Leave them on the table when you eat out, hand one to the cashier of the store you visit, you can even send one back to the teller in the bank drive-thru lane. Use the power of three method and hand out three every day. This is one of the most professional ways to advertise writing services.

Put your business on the map! Go to Google and create an account, or use your Gmail account if you have one. You will log in then go to “Business Solutions” then the “Local Business Center.” There you can set up for free advertising to tell people about the writing services you offer. Someone does a search for writing services you will show up within the Google Map area along with a link to your website, and driving directions if needed.

Free online classifieds work well for advertising writing services. Write several tiny ads to use and rotate between the websites. Be sure to keep them fresh and post new ones every day.

Join writing forums and make some new friends. We all know word of mouth can be a business’ best marketing tool. Put your writing services and website in your signature so that people reading your posts will know where to find you.

Flyers are another great way to get the word out. You can make your own flyers and print them or have a copy center’s help. Once those are in hand, pass them out to local newspapers, businesses and hang them on bulletin boards at colleges, banks, post offices, or any other high traffic area.

Once your writing service business has become established you can then resort to advertising postcards. Mailing lists can be purchased for specific targets and would be perfect for reaching out to those out of your general area.


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