How To Advertise Your Business on a Low Budget

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Advertising is said to be the secret to success, and that is probably true. If the public doesn't know about your product or service there certainly won't be any requests for it.  Advertising doesn't have to be expensive; there are plenty of ways to advertise your business on a low budget.  

Here are a few of the least expensive ways to advertise.

  • Advertising online is the number one way. Just put "free classified ads" in your search bar and you'll find hundreds of places to put your ads. Create a 35 - 40 word ad and copy and paste it into two or three sites a day. It will slowly build up.
  • Advertise on websites that sell or offer products along the same line as your items. For example, if your product is coffee mugs, find a website that sells coffee.
  • You can post your website ad every day on the social networks. Write an article on your business and put it in a blog. There are some writing websites that allow links to be added to the articles as a resource.
  • Flyers and brochures are always an excellent way to get the word out. Create them and distribute them by direct mail.Ask local privately owned stores or shops to allow you to put your flyers or brochures on the counter near a register. Post cards and business cards can be done the same way.
  • Put your website address on the back of every piece of postal mail you send out. Just print it on an address label and stick it on the back. Also put it in the signature line of every email you send out.
  • Paint your website address on your vehicle, or use stick on letters. Most states allow you to print anything you want on your vehicle as long as it's not pornographic or offensive.
  • Have pens, pencils, magnets, or note pads printed with your message and website address. Distribute them free at public events. For example, if your product is vehicle related, many car dealers have Saturday sales events. Make arrangements to set up a card table with gift packs. You won't have to be there to sell anything, just to refill the table. Craft shows, flea markets, home and building shows, street festivals, and even yard sales are all places you can set up a gift pack table.

In other words, target your market; advertise to the people who will be interested in what you have to offer. For instance, if you're selling hot dogs, you don't want to advertise to other people who are also selling hot dogs. You want to advertise to the people who eat the hot dogs or have never even seen a hot dog, or maybe just want a better hot dog.

To find out other ways to advertise your business, you may want to think about picking up a few online courses in business marketing.


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