How To Advertise Your Business Using Your Car

Whether you operate your business from a brick and mortar building or rely on the Internet to get your goods and services to market, you and your business can benefit from a variety of advertising methods.  A number of these methods are fairly high-tech; to gain the best understanding of cell phone marketing, for example, you may want to consider enrolling in a business marketing class.  

Many types of business rely on a company fleet of vehicles to transport sales representatives and company managers from their place of business to their point of sale.  Far fewer take advantage of that company vehicle to serve as a movable billboard to put their company name and information in front of as many eyes in the public as possible.

A car is a great way to advertise your business.  More and more companies are looking for ways to take advantage of this relatively inexpensive advertising method.  Contractors and small business concerns have made use of their vehicles for advertising for a long time.  Logos such as "Miller Sewer Service" or "Fred's Plumbing" can be seen on pickup trucks and vans driving down the highway any time of day or night.  Small one or two man operations are not likely to have extra funds available for elaborate advertising campaigns.

In these days of widespread Internet usage a more common sight on cars is to display the e-mail address of the company along the bottom of the rear window, "" can be eye-catching and, if it's clever enough, can stick in the mind of the drivers of cars following on the highway.  People may check out your sight even if they previously had little or no interest in your product before seeing your URL.

A clever way to incorporate advertising on your vehicle is by use of a vanity license plate.  "Miller1" or "Miller2" might serve to identify the numerous fleet vehicles for Miller Electric.  If you see the logo on the door and the vanity plate often enough, you will start to identify all the times you see Old Man Miller's crew in your neighborhood.  If he's such a busy guy, he must be good.  You might just give him a call for your next electrical wiring job.

Flags and banners attached to the window frame might serve as an eye-catching, if not distracting, symbol of a new company in the neighborhood.  More common would be the less dramatic sign attached to the roof top of the car.  Pizza delivery services and transportation companies make use of these signs quite a bit.

The more often you can put your company name in front of people, the more likely they are to think of you when they need a particular product or service.  A listing in the telephone book puts everyone on a level playing field.  But if your potential customers see your name or company logo driving by regularly, you might stand out when needed. 

Other methods of advertising are available, of course, and some of them (such as advertising on Facebook) don't have to cost too much; you may want to think about taking a few online business marketing courses to help you design a well-rounded marketing strategy.


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