How To Advertise Your Carpet Cleaning Services

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Advertising has become more aggressive in the past years. Businesses are virtually non-existent unless they are known in the market they cater. ‘Top of mind’ marketing is what companies are really aiming for, and here are some tips on how you can better advertise your carpet cleaning services.

  1. Appeal to the emotions and benefits of your carpet cleaning services. In sales, some would say that people buy benefits, not items. When people buy books, what they are really after is the information and knowledge. When people buy clothes, what they want is to look good, not pieces of clothes. When they avail of massage services, they are after the feeling of relaxation, not the hand strokes. And when they look for carpet cleaning services, they appeal to the feeling that this would make their homes feel clean and look better.
  2. Identify your brand. What makes you different and ultimately better than other cleaning services is your edge. Focus and capitalize on this. Identify your unique selling advantage and relay this to your market. Your target market should not confuse your brand with others. Take time to analyze your services, your systems and your overall business plan before you ‘brand’ your service.
  3. Get feedback from your customers. You can have a survey to do this. A pen and paper survey, an email or a phone call can give you valuable opinions. They can give you comments about what they like and they don’t like about your products and services. They can also give suggestions on how you can improve in certain areas. Your perspective and your opinion may be different from how they see your services. Take note that what’s most important in businesses is what your customers think about your services, and not the other way around.
  4. Maximize your resources. For your ads, you can place them on both traditional medium and also online. You can put stickers and banners (on permissible areas), and you can place your ads online. A lot of searches for products and services are being done online. This can bring you closer to prospective clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. Promote your items. Everybody loves promotions and this is a great way to introduce or re-introduce your services to the market. Get people to try your services at least once with cheap rates, and if they’re satisfied, you can expect that they’d take note of your number and give you a callback next time. 
  6. Network. Businesses are good clients in the carpet cleaning because of quantity and frequency of their needs for these types of services.

Whether it is rug cleaning services or dry carpet cleaning services you are providing, remember that competition is stiff when it comes to getting job orders and loyal clientele. Do not rely only on your marketing strategies, rather, practice good customer service, after sales service, and client satisfaction to ensure that your business can succeed in the long run. Marketing can get their attention, but its good service that can actually do the marketing for you.  


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