How To Advertise Your Dental Services Locally

Advertising dental services locally doesn’t have to be overly expensive or too time consuming. Using some of the recognizable marketing tools available is what it will take to create a good advertising campaign. The first step to creating an effective advertising campaign is to set a budget that one can work. Assess the size of the community in which one works and lives in and do a little research in the area of local demographics. Another important step is to survey the local competition. Choose a dentist from the phonebook then call and find out just what the competition provides in terms of pricing and service. Getting an evaluation of the types of services provided by the competition will help in creating an advertisement campaign, designed to attract those who feel intimidated going to a dentist.

The goal is to separate oneself from the other local dentists. Are there more families living in the community as oppose to the number of single people? Do most employers in the community provide some kind of health insurance? These are just some of the questions one should ask to get an idea of what the community expects from the local dentists. Hiring a local advertising agency to create an effective marketing campaign is a good idea; for the information needed to create the advertising campaign contact the Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce.

The list of marketing tips can be beneficial when creating a marketing campaign.

  • Contact the local television stations and speak with a representative about the price for having a commercial aired.
  • Take out an ad in the local phonebook, which is a great self-promotional tool.
  • Contact the local radio stations and inquire about advertising on their radio station or get booked on a radio talk show host’s program and advertise the dental services.
  • If there is a sports team in the community, contact the team’s front office about advertising a banner during one of the home games.
  • Pass out flyers oneself or hire someone to pass out flyers advertising the local dental services offered.
  • Have a local billboard strategically placed in the areas most populated or frequently visited.
  • If a community event is taking place and prizes are offered, award a dental package as a prize, such as a free dental examination.
  • Advertise in the local newspaper and other media outlets.
  • Contacting the local businesses to cross-promote each other’s business is a great idea.
  • Going out into the public personally meeting and greeting the people in the community is a smart idea and the community will appreciate the respect.

There are ways to advertise locally ones’ dental service it takes just a little strategy and creative advertising.


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