How To Advocate for Immigration Reform

To most people, America is a place known as the green pasture. People believe that once you are able to come to America and work there, your life will change — your family's life will also change. Hence, once a member of the family was given the privilege to work in America, all the members of the family follows one after the other.

A question arises as to what benefits the US economy gets through immigrants, or if the US benefiting from the advent of its immigrants. To advocate for immigration reform, we have to consider several things.

  1. For legal immigrants who have been in the US for a number of years, a legal status may be offered. However, we have to think about whether it is beneficial or harmful to the country. Some people think that because of immigration, the population of the US becomes more diverse. But to some people the US population should be kept low because a big population creates unemployment problems.
  2. Illegal immigrants who have been in the US for a number of years may be offered a legal status. Some people believe that because these immigrants are considered illegal aliens, they must have broken the rules in entering the country. Conversely, instead of deporting them back to their own countries, they must be allowed to stay. Some thoughts must be given to this issue.
  3. Set up a cutoff. A legal status may be offered to illegal immigrants if they have already lived in the US for at least four years. Not only the number of years of stay will be considered but also the limit on how many people may be given citizenship. Some people think that too many people are allowed in. But some thinks the rules should be loosened so that more people can enjoy their stay in the US.
  4. There is a proposed merit system, which is point based and this is intended for future legal immigrants. It is advocated that this should be abandoned. Instead, labor demand should be the basis so that there are always jobs available for those who decide to come.
  5. The guest worker program may be considered so that people who are illegal aliens in another country may be allowed to work in the US for a period of time. Thereafter, they either have to return to their own country or stay in the US if they have a green card. Proponents believe that guest workers take jobs not taken by Americans at low wages. Opponents believe that these guest workers will drain the US economy because they take jobs away from Americans and require social services. 

To advocate for immigration reforms in America is to be aware of what is happening to the non-Americans living inside the US for a number of years and yet they are not considered as legal immigrants. As there are several issues related to immigration, some reforms have to be instituted for the benefit of those people affected by the issues. After careful assessment of the above issues, proponents can fully support the views in this article.


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