How To Alert People About a New Email Address

Email addresses are one of the most effective ways that people communicate.  Email addresses are used to connect with coworkers, friends and family and can be used from the convenience of your own home or office.  With the widespread use of email addresses, people have been able to keep in touch with extended family and friends, as well as quickly and effectively chat with coworkers.

With all the important uses of email addresses, changing your email address can cause some confusion.  There are many reasons why you might change your email address.  Perhaps you’ve found a new email service that you prefer or maybe you would like a fresh start, while weeding out spammers and old contacts.

When you have set up your new email account, you will now need to alert people about your new email address.  The easiest and most effective way to do this is by sending out a mass email.  You will want to alert people about your new account as soon as possible, as there is no way for anyone to know about the change in your address.

To alert your contacts, start with a new email and write a short message about how you are changing your email address.  A good example would read, “Greetings.  I am writing you in regards to my new email address.  Please add this to your address book and delete my old email.  This change is effective immediately.  Thank You.”

At the bottom of your email, you can include your new contact information.  Be sure to blind carbon copy (BCC) your contacts as well.  This is done by placing the names of your contacts into the BCC line on your email message.  This will prevent everyone from seeing each other’s email addresses.

When alerting people about your new email address, be sure that you only notify those who are active contacts.  Simply emailing everybody in your old address book defeats the purpose of setting up a new account.  Use this as an opportunity to clean out your contacts and have a fresh start.

An email message is the best way to alert people about your change in email addresses, but there are other ways you can alert people.  If you are part of a social networking site, such as Facebook or Twitter, you can post your new email address on your status.  Keep in mind that sharing this information will alert a lot of people.  If you want to be more select, choose to send out personal messages to those you want to alert using the messaging tools.

While you may have done all you can to alert people of your change in email addresses, chances are, someone will still send something to your old email address.  That is why it is best to check your old email every few months, just to make sure that important messages are not being sent to that address.


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