How To Allow Customers to Order Books Online

An Online "Book Store"
Books never grow unpopular in the vernacular of entertainment. Every day, another book is published, reaches bookstores, online and off, and the need to know how to allow customers to order books online becomes imperative.  Online bookstores need a viable means of getting their book collections into customer orders, whether books are hardbound or an online downloaded book.

Online Books
The wide range of online books available for download necessitates a means of allowing customers to order. This is generally done by supplying an order method so customers can use credit, debit or some other form of electronic payment. The same system is true for hard copy books purchased online. Online book stores sell fiction, non-fiction, romance, sci-fi, technical and training manuals, recipe and reference books like dictionaries, as well as other items like personal reading lights, fanciful bookmarks and hard copy book stands. There are virtually limitless items an online bookstore can sell in addition to books to increase sales.

The Ordering Method

Generally, to order books online, customers simply select from the list on the website's book menu. Then, they use their mouse to click on an area where books are sent to a "shopping cart".  This is usually a secondary menu designed for finalizing orders.  When all of book selections are complete, customers click on the shopping cart drop down menu and fill in the information needed to complete their order.  This is usually the customer's name, address, phone number, email address and the method they choose to pay for their order.  For credit card payments, allow customers to fill in their card number and the expiration date of the card.  For electronic payments, allow the customer a choice on the screen to make a credit to their online payment source, along with their account number. This is basically the information that is also required for debit card payments, depending on the individual bank used for payment.

The Final Steps to Allow Customers to Order Books Online
If customers are ordering hard copy books, the next step is to provide a clear, concise part of the online form that indicates where the customer prefers the order to be shipped.  For ordering online books, customers need to indicate the email address for the book to be downloaded to their computer.  Be sure to add content to the online order form that allows for future contact or to alert customers of new books that are available to increase sales.


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