How To Anonymously Report Drug Dealing

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Drugs are one of the curses of society. They breaks families, societies and even cities. Since illegal drugs are addictive and the users of these drugs do not seem to have the power or the will to cut off their addiction, there will always be drug users that will participate in illegal drug dealings. As a citizen of your country, you have the responsibility to protect your family and your fellowmen from the evil effects of illegal drugs and the only way to go about this is to be active in fighting the crime by being aware and passive in reporting drug dealers that can soon spread throughout your entire city. It is widely known that drug dealers are powerful people. The thing that made them as such is because of the money involved in the drug business. They can pay people to track and hunt you down which will be unbearable for you and your family. You can still do your part to report these dealings by giving in to an anonymous report. Here is how to report drug dealers without saying your name or any of your particulars:

  • First thing you should do is to protect yourself. You know that if you call on the tip to the police you will be questioned about your personal details like your name, contact number or your address. Make sure that the people or the person you are speaking with give you affirmation that you will remain anonymous. The people you should only be talking to are your local sheriff department or the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI. You should avoid telling the information tip to people other than the authorities.
  • Another way to report drug dealing anonymously is to submit an online tip to the FBI. There is a form in the FBI website that you can fill up for the details.
  • You can contact your local crime watch group as well. If you think you cannot report the illegal drug dealing by yourself, ask the organization to do it for you.
  • There is a number that you can call to leave anonymous tips called WeTip. This number operates 24 hours to receive any anonymous tips for various crime reports or any illegal activities and your anonymity will be guaranteed. You can get in touch with this group by calling 1-800-78-CRIME.
  • Once you have reported the drug dealing, be sure to keep yourself updated with the issue. Keep your eyes open to see if there have been arrests made. Be sure you follow this report carefully and without being noticed.

If you have children, always remember to spend more time with them to keep them from venturing off to find attention from somewhere else particularly getting contacts from the illegal drug dealers that you have witnessed. The best way to keep your family safe is to keep them as close as possible. As a responsible citizen, you can always launch a campaign against using illegal drugs. This will greatly help the people be aware of the effects drugs may inflict on the country.


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