How To Anonymously Report Drug Possession

There are federal and state drug possession laws that determine what kind of drug makes it illegal to be in one's possession. There may be instances that you come across a person or a group of people in your area that possess such, and as a responsible citizen you should report this immediately to prevent the situation to get blown out of proportion that can affect more people. Drugs can be deadly both with the user and the general public. Since illegal drugs can have ill effects to the user, that person could endanger himself or the people around him. Illegal drug problems like these should be reported to avoid more problems in the future. It is understandable that you should want to do it anonymously, which you can. Here is how to report drug possession with anonymity:

  • The most important thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with the kinds of drugs that are illegal in order for you to determine if the drug possession is indeed something that breaks the law. You should at least see the illegal drugs personally or through a trusted witness before you can report it to the authorities. The last thing you want to happen is tipping the authorities into a false drug possession report.
  • Be sure that before you report the drug possession, you are complete with your details on who, where and when you saw the drug possession. Your report should contain the most complete information or the authorities may end up hanging on their arrests and operations and the drug user will not be apprehended.
  • There are ways to report the drug problem anonymously so you should find the one that best suits to your favor. Since you want to do this anonymously, the telephone is the best way to do it that can guarantee you anonymity since the authorities cannot see your face or you would not have to personally report it. Your local US Customs protection office has a 24-hour call in number that you can leave tips. Dial 1-800-BE-ALERT to leave your tips for them to act upon.
  • Another way to report the drug possession is to approach your local sheriff department. Be sure that before you divulge any information you have their word that you will remain anonymous throughout the whole operation. Talk only to the sheriff personally alone with him and let him relay the information to his crime stopper committee.
  • There is telephone service called WeTip that operates 24/7. Here they receive anonymous tips. You can call 1-800-78-CRIME and leave your information.

As a citizen of your country, you should make it your goal to protect your neighborhood from the dangers of illegal drugs. If you notice some people in your neighborhood that acts as if under the influence of illegal drugs, be aware about noticing any illegal drug activity near your area. Keep your senses open to catch any of the illegal activities.


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