How To Appear Wealthy

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Everyone wants to look good and give off a good impression to people. Some people wish to give the impression to others that they have a lot of money. Here are some important things you need to pay attention to in order to act and appear more wealthy.

  1. CLOTHING One of the most important factors in appearing wealthy is clothing. Unless you actually are very wealthy you will most likely not be able to afford designer labels, but there are still nice clothes that you can get for cheaper prices. Pay attention to what is in style. Look around you and notice trends, and notice what you like and what gives off a wealthy vibe to you. Do not wear branded articles of clothing. Branded clothes are often looked at as cheaper types of clothes. One style you could try (but make sure it does not appear too tacky) is wearing matched clothes. Think of people you have passed by on the street going to work who look very professional and important, often they are wearing matching clothes.
  2. HYGIENE Hygiene is also very important. Shower daily, and wash your hair at least every other day. Moisturize your skin so that it is smooth and clean. Avoid breakouts at all costs. Brush your teeth several times a day. Make sure to get routine haircuts, and keep your nails clean. Wear a perfume or cologne that will make you smell more sophisticated.
  3. MAKE-UP Wear make-up. You do not need to overdo it. Give yourself a modest and clean look that will make you look more sophisticated.
  4. JEWELRY Jewelry will give you a more wealthy and elegant look. Do not wear any plastic jewelry. Really nice jewelry can cost a fortune, but you can get fake diamond earrings for an affordable price, and they look real! You can also buy some necklaces, rings, or bracelets. Make sure that none of the jewelry you wear looks fake, and do not over do it with the jewelry (do not wear more than you need).
  5. MANNERISMS Always be polite and have good manners. Do not complain or show dislike of anything in public. Proper etiquette is one of the key components in appearing wealthy.
  6. HAIR Take care of your hair. Make sure you never go out with any tangles in your hair. Make sure it is a professional looking style (no pig tails) and is not oily or greasy.

These six tips are the most important pieces of advice you need to follow to appear more wealthy. Before you go out every day make sure to look at in the mirror and see if you are giving off the impression that you are a classy, important, sophisticated, wealthy person.


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