How To Apply for a PR Visa for the UK

Many people are entertaining the thought of immigrating to UK. Although these people have a variety of reasons to move to UK permanently, they are required to have one common thing – a permanent residence or PR Visa. PR Visa is not readily available to everybody. The qualifications are very imposing. The entire application process could last for years. Fortunately, there are ways to speed up the entire process. Just be sure to follow them correctly.

Here are some of the steps that you can take if you want to apply for a PR Visa for the UK:

  • Perform a self-check for PR Visa eligibility. Application for a PR Visa requires a 5-year legal duration of stay in the UK. There are some exceptions but they depend on the kind of Visa you are holding. However, if you have legitimately lived in UK for 5 years or more, you can apply for a PR Visa.
  • Check the requirements. Besides a legally issued visa, there are other documents and requirements you need to fulfill. Most of these are documents that will verify your identification. It will also verify the legitimacy of your stay in UK. Search the Internet for a list of these requirements. Print the list. You can also try noting them down in a piece of paper if there is no printer readily available.
  • Proceed with the requirement completion. Check the documents you have on hand against your list. Scratch the documents that you have off your list. Organize the items left in your list according to the ease and time required for completion. Re-evaluate your documents for errors. If you find some inconsistencies in your documents, make a move to have them corrected. Prepare at least three copies of each document for backup purposes. Complete the rest of the items in your list.
  • Fill out a PR Visa application form. Have at least three copies of the PR Visa application form printed out. Fill out one application form with the personal information required. Make it a point to check your entries against your documents to ensure consistency. Take note of the special instructions like the color of pen you have to use and follow them. In case you commit an error, fill out a fresh copy of PR Visa application form. Make sure that your handwriting is concise and readable. After filling out your application form, re-evaluate all the entries you made taking a careful check on the validity of information.
  • Pass all of the exams. Complete the language requirement by passing the English courses. Non-native English speakers are usually required to take and pass the language course. Take the “Life in the UK Test” and be sure to pass it. This is a requirement to prove that you have the necessary knowledge required about the way of life in the UK.
  • Submit your requirements. Check all of your requirements and your application form for the last time. Submit your application form along with the required documents. Pay the fees. You can choose to do the payment process online or in person.

Walking through the streets in the UK is one thing. Owning the license to do it freely is another. The PR Visa is more than just a document. It is your freedom to call UK as your own. With these steps, you can be sure that owning a PR Visa will not take a lifetime to achieve.


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